Gold Rush

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Tangy with a dash of heat

12 oz

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Gold Rush

Tangy with a dash of heat


 A mustard base with a tangy beginning and just the right amount of spice to finish it off with a smooth kick. This sauce is a favorite of many customers because of its versatility and full bodied flavor. It's bold and bright. This sauce goes on just about everything! Pork, chicken, ribs and is incredible on fish! Great for seasoning meatloaf and burgers too. Perfect as a final coat before serving. It's also used as a condiment to kick up your everyday sandwich, bratwursts and kielbasa. We even use it to add something special to potato salad and deviled eggs!

6 reviews for Gold Rush

  1. John


  2. jjenk38721

    This by far was my favorite sauce. Put this on everything I cooked and each fish came up great.

  3. derrick

    gold rush is awesome on all seafood. devil eggs , potato salad.

  4. Cassandra


  5. Christopher Timko

    Bought this when they came to Pittsburgh and did a presentation at the local fish market. It is amazing. And I’m usually not a fan of a spicy mustard type sauce but this one is one I’ll eat! I hope i can find some again that I don’t have to get shipped up here.

    • Liz Cerra

      We’re thrilled you like it! The Gold Rush seems to have that effect on people. You should still be able to find it at Wholey’s when you run out!

  6. Ashley

    I’ve had Deviled eggs and potato salad made with Gold Rush and it was amazing!!! This tangy treasure isn’t just for bbq!

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