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Tangy and Smokey

12 oz



Tangy and Smokey

A versatile sauce, marinade and injection. Lightly sweet, smokey red with a hint of tang that blends perfectly with our secret spices. This is a thin sauce so that when used as a marinade it penetrates well and when used as a mop during grilling it caramelizes beautifully. Tumbleweed can  withstand long periods of slow cooking while keeping the meat moist. It does an excellent job of finely coating pulled pork to allow the natural flavor of the meat to be enjoyed, complimenting rather than overpowering like so many other sauces. 

5 reviews for Tumbleweed

  1. John


  2. jjenk38721

    After trying one bottle of each sauce it was easy to get three more of each. Put on ribs, chicken , pork, fish and even used as a dip for cheddar cheese and chips was superb. Congratulation Derrick on three great sauces.

  3. Cassandra

    Really all three flavors are amazing.. This one is my favorite

  4. Vince P

    I used Tumbleweed the last hour on a brisket I smoked and it put it over the top with flavor and additional spice. I served it to some friends on the burnt ends and they talked about it for days at how good it was.

  5. Robert

    This product makes a huge difference once applied to just about everything your cooking with!

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